What is Doggy Day Care?


Doggy daycare is like a social club for dogs — and it can be a lifesaver for pet owners. For working pet parents, a daycare provides an excellent alternative to leaving a dog home alone all day, but that’s not the only reason to think about leaving your dog at daycare. Doggy daycare can provide a much-needed physical outlet for high energy dogs, dogs with separation anxiety or for dogs whose owners are unable to keep up with their canine’s exercise needs, such as the elderly and those with physical limitations. Ongoing socialization is also important for any dog. Daycare provides dog-friendly canines with safe and enjoyable play interactions.

What vaccinations will we need to have?

To keep everyone healthy and safe, all the Fur Babies will need to be up to date on their Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccines. 

What should I bring?

 We suggest bringing Sleepy time tonic or Melatonin to prepare for storms/Holiday fireworks or just adjustment issues.  Sometimes the dogs can just get nervous for no apparent reason. These stress relievers just help take the edge off and let them settle in easier. We suggest bringing wet food to add to their food. Some dogs get so excited or over stimulated they don't eat as well out of their normal routine. We like to add a yummy treat to encourage eating. Lastly we suggest making sure your dog is dropped off in the morning. When dropped off in the evening, they are with the dogs that have been playing all day and are tired and ready for bed. When a dog is dropped off the evening, they are wound up running wild all night.  

My little guy is on meds :( can we still come?

Absolutely!! As long as your vet has no concerns, come on over! Bring any meds they'll need to take during their stay, and our doggie loving staff will make sure they're taken care of.

Can I come take a Tour?

 You are more than welcome to visit our play yard window that gives you a peek into our doggy world. For safety reasons, we only allow trained staff into the pack of dogs. The dogs ultimately are not here to play with strangers, they are here to play with other doggies. After you drop your dog off be sure to check in for pics and videos! 

Sounds great! How do I get started?

New dogs: Feel free to contact us to schedule an introduction/evaluation for your pup to our facility.  Open play environments may not be for all dogs, and your pet's safety and comfort is always our number one priority.

Dogs that haven't been here in more than 5 months: Must do a re-introduction due to new dogs being added.