9 Reasons Why Doggy Daycare Is Good For You & Your Fur Baby

1. Socialize: Meet New Doggy Friends - One of the main reasons parents are encouraged to send their children to preschool and nursery school is that the child learns to socialize with others. The same reason holds true for dogs.

Like people, all dogs have different dispositions, and it's important for your dog to learn how to play and interact with others in a safe environment.

2. Reduces Separation Anxiety

If your dog gets used to seeing you at home at all times, a sudden change in your routine will make it anxious, setting it back a few months, in terms of the training you have put it through.

Your dog may start peeing or pooping in the house, it might start chewing your clothes, or shoes, among other things. These are the signs of canine separation anxiety which often leads to destructive behaviors.

3. Supervised Play Time -  

One of the best benefits of doggy daycare is that your dog will get to play as much as they want, and with lots of canine friends. Of course, when a big group of dogs gets together, there is bound to be some conflict.

Luckily, any fights can be quickly and efficiently handled by the daycare staff, who are experts in dog behavior. They know when to step in and defuse the situation, while encouraging continued play, and when to separate them for everyone's safety.

The doggy daycare employees aren't just referees, though; they act as teachers, as well. Your dog will be mentally stimulated by the games at daycare, not just physically tuckered out.

4.  Fun & Exciting Exercise -  

Not just any physical activity, but fun and exciting that is high on the list of benefits of doggy daycare.

Leave your dog at home alone for any period, and they'll probably have a lot of pent-up energy. They will be raring to run outdoors once you get back home, and let's face it, after a hard day at the office, going for an hour-long walk might not be your first choice. 

When they spend time in a daycare facility, however, they have the freedom to run, jump, frolic, chase, tug, and scamper.

All of this exercise is incredibly important for your dog. It's great for your pup's physical health, and a fun way to exercise. This means that upon their return home after a full day of play, she'll be ready to snuggle up and relax with you. They'll sleep better at night too.

5. Doggie Entertainment -  

Left alone for too long, dogs get lonely and bored, and they'll start looking for something to do.

Chance are that what they find to occupy them isn't going to be an activity that you approve. Rather, your pooch is likely to start digging in the yard, chewing shoes, furniture or your daughter's stuffed animals, or simply tearing the place apart.

It will be difficult for a dog to be bored at daycare. Relief from boredom, as well as companionship, are two significant benefits of doggy daycare.

 6. Meet New Fur Parents -  

It's a good bet that, after spending some time enjoying the benefits of doggy daycare, your puppy will start to bond with some special friends. You might want to set up play-dates with your dog's best buddy, strengthening their bond. In the process, you might get yourself a new friend.

Just as the parents of preschoolers tend to gather and chat at pickup time, so do dog owners who come to fetch their furry friends. You'll have some great discussions about leashes, toys, and food. You can ask your new friends to share their experiences. And you'll, undoubtedly, share stories of the funny or frustrating antics your pets get themselves into.


Separation anxiety not only affects the health and emotional state of your pup but it might affect yours too. You end up spending hours out of your day thinking of the danger your dog could be in and also how lonely it must be for it.

Doggie daycare will leave you happy and productive because you don’t have to worry about your dog running crazy around the house, whining for hours, or littering the house. And since your dog gets back home tired, a bath for the two of you, a meal and snuggling on the couch are the only beautiful things you will be thinking about.

8.  Establish a Doggy Routine -  Dogs, like humans, are creatures of habit. Sending your pooch to the daycare means that it knows that every day at a specific time, it goes away to spend time with its friends. And at the daycare, the staff have a schedule of activities that will keep your pup invigorated and exhausted at best. 

9.  Improves Your Dog's Confidence -  

If you are worried that your dog’s timidness is unhealthy, take them to doggie daycare. There, your dog interacts with other trained dogs with different temperaments, and as it interacts with the others, and acts out of its comfort zone, it’s confidence levels will rise.

You should also know that constant interactions with other dogs helps to make your dog a lot calmer, confident, and it’s unlikely to bark or exhibit aggressive behavior.


How We're Different Than All Others

 Our Dog Daycare is an open play environment, meaning we do not crate or kennel any of our dogs. We allow them to play freely with one another in our open space inside and outside.  Dogs are supervised 24/7.   

We understand that dogs are just like a 2 or 3 year old toddler.   So we enforce our staff to do positive reinforcement. We know that if we are constantly negative with them then that is what we will get back from them.