We just received our new padded flooring that we ordered for the play area. Megan (Owner) and I (Dawn) will be installing the floor the first weekend in May. Since the floor goes into the play room, we will need to be closed in order to properly install it.  

As you all have noticed, we have been making several changes and we will continue to until the place is absolutely perfect. Once we have completed everything we are going to have a Grand Re-Opening and Meet & Greet. We want to be able to show off everything and allow you all to meet and talk to the new owners and Office Manager. We realize that most of you have met us but there are some that haven't yet. 

About Us

Why we do what we do.

Driving to and from anywhere in Virginia can be stressful. You can find yourself away from home longer than you thought you would be. So why add to that stress and worry about your dog at home waiting for you to take them to use the restroom? Why not take them to daycare and allow them to have a play date? 

We know how stressful it is to go to work and find yourself in the office longer than normal or you're on your way home from work and it's taking longer because of traffic. We know the additional stress about worrying about your dog at home waiting to eat or go to the bathroom or thinking about them being alone all day. 

How many times have you felt bad because you were too tired to play with your pup after a long day at work? 

How many times have you come home only to find that your dog was so bored during the day that they got into things and made a huge mess? How many times have you gotten home wanting to relax only to find that your dog has so much energy in them that you know they aren't going to go to sleep any time soon?

Now imagine taking them to daycare on your way to work then picking them up on your way home. Now imagine that once you get them home that they fall right to sleep. Yep, that part would be our doing. Our daily lives have so much stress in it already so why not allow us to help with part of the stress? 

Go to our page "Daycare" to learn about some of the benefits to having your dog go to daycare and how we are different than the other Doggie Daycare's around here.